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Learn how your data is used by this website.

A new cookie regulation in the UK called the ePrivacy Directive has come in. It's purpose is to make website owners communicate clearly and transparently about how they are using cookies, so that web users are better informed about how their information is being used.

The aim of this page is to provide clear information to you about the cookies and advertising methods that this website uses, so that you can easily understand how your data is used, and make an informed decision about whether you want to use it or not.

1. Quick Overview
2. What is a Cookie?
3. What if I don't accept Cookies?
4. How do I disable Cookies?
5. Does this website use Cookies?
6. List of Cookies used by this website

Quick Overview

What you need to know, in 2 paragraphs

This website doesn't set any of it's own cookies, but it does work with third parties who do. To make money, we work on an Affiliate Marketing basis. When you click through product links on this site, a third party cookie is created on your computer by the affiliate network (Amazon, or Webgains) so they know that we have referred you. If you go on to buy a product, we earn a small commission of typically 5% of the sale.

This website also uses Google AdSense adverts. Google uses cookies to more effectively target their adverts. We also use Google Analytics to measure how many visitors we get. Google Analytics creates third party cookies to provide some of it's core reporting features. We do not store any information about you ourselves.

What is a Cookie?

The Different Types

A cookie is a small file containing some information, that a website transfers to the cookie folder of the web browser on your computer. When the browser returns to the same website, the information in the cookie can be retrieved by the website and used to recognise the user.

A cookie might typically contain data such as the domain name from which it came, a unique number as an identifier, some data related to its purpose such as your preferences on the website, and the lifetime (expiry) of the cookie.

There are 3 main types of cookies:

1. Session Cookies

The lowest level of cookie, which allows a website to identify you as a user and remember you from page to page within the website. These expire as soon as you close your browser, or after a short period of typically 20 minutes of inactivity. This can be likened to storing something in short term memory.

2. Persistent Cookies

What most people think of when they say "Cookie". These are the small text files that are dropped into the cookies folder of your web browser, by a website. They can contain information for the longer term about your preferences on a website for instance.

3. Third Party Cookies

These are persistent cookies from any other domain, such as third party services like Google Analytics.

If you would like to learn more about cookies, two good resources are:, and

What if I don't accept Cookies?

The Impact

The vast majority of websites will use cookies in some shape or form. They are an invaluable part of the programmers toolset, enabling websites to offer advanced features such as shopping baskets, customised content and other common functions.

If you don't accept any cookies then many websites will not perform as they should, and you may not be able to complete orders or use the features of a website.

How can I Disable Cookies?

Disallowing, and Deleting Cookies

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc) provide the option in their settings to disable cookies.

You can also delete cookies, which deletes any existing cookies in your web browser's cookie folder, but unless you disallow them they will reappear next time you visit a website.

The majority of browsers allow you to be selective about disallowing different types of cookies, so you could disallow persistent cookies but allow session cookies for instance.

Does this website use Cookies?

Our Activities

This website does not create any Session Cookies or Persistent Cookies of it's own, but it does use several common Third Party Cookies that you should be aware of.

1. Affiliate Marketing Cookies (Third Party)

We provide links on this website to products which are available to buy from Amazon and other online merchants. When these links are clicked, either Amazon or the Affiliate Network (Webgains) create a persistent cookie on your computer. In the case of Amazon this lasts around 24 hours, and for other merchants it can vary but is typically 30 days.

If you go on to buy the product, we earn a small commission of typically 5% for referring the sale. For more information about Affiliate Marketing, the IAB have produced a very good guide, the IAB Guide to Performance Marketing.

Affiliate networks may also use some cookie-less tracking methods which involve storing your IP Address.

2. Google Cookies (Third Party)

We serve Google AdSense advertising blocks on this website. Google may create third party cookies to target their adverts most effectively. This is often geo-targetting, so that advertisers can serve their adverts to consumers in a particularly country for instance.

Google operate a revenue share system, so when you click on a Google AdSense advert on this website, we earn a percentage of the Cost per Click paid by the advertiser.

We also use Google Analytics on this website. Google drop analytics cookies in order to be able to provide reporting on how users have interacted with the website.

List of Cookies used by this website

Specific Details




Third Party

__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz

Google Analytics uses these cookies to define user sessions, and provide core features in its Analytics reports. Google drops and updates these cookies only for the purposes of collecting data for these reports.

Third Party


Google AdSense uses the DoubleClick cookie on AdSense content partner sites such as this. Google uses it to serve more relevant ads, limit the number of times a given ad is shown to you, and measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

Third Party

wgs, wgdc, wgc, wgi, 1234.sol

The Webgains Affiliate network uses these cookies to track clicks on affiliate product links, and banners. See the Webgains Tracking Cookies list for further details of what each one does.

Third Party

Tracked within Amazon shopping session cookies

Our Amazon Associates links contain a unique ID which identifies us as an Amazon affiliate. Amazon uses that ID to embed details about this website being the referrer into the Amazon shopping session. This happens when you click on our Amazon product links, banners and widgets that you see on the left hand side and bottom of the pages on this website.

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Privacy/Cookie Policy

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