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Why organic dark chocolate over normal dark chocolate?

Organic dark chocolate basically offers a higher level of quality and a better taste than normal dark chocolate due to the careful, natural process by which it is produced. Moreover, the production methods benefit animals, people and the environment as a whole.

Is organic dark chocolate healthier than milk chocolate?

Dark chocolate is proven to be healthier than milk chocolate due to the numerous antioxidants it contains - although it should be eaten in moderation. It could be argued that organic dark chocolate is healthier than normal dark chocolate due to its chemical-free production process.

Is organic dark chocolate an aphrodisiac?

Not necessarily, but - like all types of chocolate - it does encourage the production of endorphins that make you feel good. And giving a loved one chocolate as a gift will always aid the process of courtship!

Is dark and plain chocolate the same thing?

Yes, plain chocolate is simply another term used for dark chocolate. 'Plain' in this case implies chocolate in a purer, simpler form. Dark chocolate is also often called "Continental Chocolate".

Which drinks compliment organic dark chocolate?

If you enjoy a glass of wine, then you might like to try a nice rich red wine (avoid sweet wines) or perhaps a glass of port - the flavours will perfectly match the chocolate.

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Organic Dark Chocolate

1. Organic dark chocolate is a type of dark chocolate that has been produced by purely organic, natural means

2. Dark chocolate is also known as plain chocolate. It contains antioxidants and is considered good for the heart.


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